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Certificates of Aboriginality

As an Indigenous Corporation listed under the CATSI Act 2006, the CHAC Board of Directors are able to issue Certificates of Aboriginality to known community members for use in confirming Aboriginality.

In confirming Aboriginality, the CHAC Board of Directors will establish the credentials of the applicant through any means available.  If Aboriginality is not able to be confirmed, the applicant will be refused a Certificate of Aboriginality.

To apply for a Certificate of Aboriginality, download the form by clicking on the PDF logo below.  Complete the form and return the form to CHAC reception where it will be tabled at the next Board of Directors meeting.  If you are unable to print the form, simply visit CHAC and our friendly staff will assist you to complete the form.

Application for Certificate of Aboriginality
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