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Our Staff

Summer Hunt - Chief Executive Officer

Belinda Kelly - Transport Officer
Chantelle Matakaiongo - ITC Program/Administration
Cindy Murray - Receptionist
Dawn Evans - Aboriginal Health Practitioner
Dr Kay Kyaw - General Practitioner
Dr Mary Beth MacIsaac - General Practitioner
Dr Khan - General Practitioner
Ebony Lawson - Aboriginal Health Worker trainee
Fred Mercer - Transport Officer
Gary Mitchell - Targeted Earlier Intervention Worker
Guy Mitchell
Jaharlyn Mitchell - Kumpa Kiira Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Worker
Jenny Botha - Finance and Corporate Services Manager
Jimya Jose - Registered Nurse
Josmi Mathew - Registered Nurse
Karla Sullivan - Medical Receptionist/Administration
Karleasha Mitchell - Targeted Earlier Intervention Worker
Lynne Mitchell - Aboriginal Mental Health Worker
Merle Morgan - Receptionist
Natasha Charlie - SEWB Team Leader
Peter Matsumoto - Health Services Manager
Shanara Harris - Receptionist
Sheri Schubach - Registered Nurse
Sheryldine Wilson - Aboriginal Health Worker trainee
Shiralee Hedges - Executive Assistant to CEO
Soumya Jose - Diabetes Educator
Sylvia Nixon - Finance and Administration Assistant
Tina Thomas - Registered Nurse
Wendy Arney - Dietitian
Zoe Andrews - Health Promotion Officer

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